DIY Makeup bag


DIY Makeup Bag

DIY Makeup Bag- I absolutely love this, just because it is something that I always wanted to buy. Finding a travel size bag that is easy to pack and fold away in your carry-on bag is quite a struggle! Now you can make one in just a few steps!

When I was thinking about what to make for DIY Christmas gifts, this easy travel DIY Makeup bag came to mind. I am always looking for ways to travel more lightly and store my makeup securely and neat. This gift is so perfect because it is personalized according to the colors that the person that you are making it for will love! You’ll want to keep it for yourself…

What you’ll need…
1 m material and 2 sheets of felt
1 roll of thread
1 m bunting ribbon
Now to begin…
1. Cut off three strips of the felt material and a thick square shape strip for the blushes or an earring bag.
2. Pin the strips to the bottom felt sheet. Measure the spaces in between with your brushes. Place your pins accordingly.
3.  Sew along these lines with your top pocket sewed on top.
4. Cut out two squares out of the material that you want to use as your base material. Leave three centimeters spacing to run over for the stitching.
5. Stich the felt material onto one of the sheets of material.
6. Place them on top of each other with the wrong sides of the material facing up.
7. Stich 1 cm alongside the edges, leave one top unstitched.
8. Turn the inside out and iron the material bag flat, fold in the unstitched edge on top and pin it in and stitch alongside that edge.
9. Fold over the bunting ribbon and stitch the ribbon flat. Cut the bunting meter into two pieces.
10. Stich the bunting ribbon right in the middle on top of each other right on the outside of the top material. You will be using these ribbons to close or to bind the Brush bag.


 11. Store your brushes or jewelry in the roll up travel bag when you travel, or give it as a gift with a few new items inside.
 Voila! Perfect DIYgift or something to keep for yourself (;

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