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Starting your life France

Starting your life in France is just my summary of our four-year journey so far. If you're one of the lucky ones moving to France then this post is for you. The four-year mark of us moving here will be rolling around November and I certainly can't believe how fast it has gone and how much I have learned and am still learning. Come and read more about how to survive and actually live well in France as a foreigner.

French Countryside Barbecue

French Countryside barbecue is just a way of jazzing up your entertaining skills for the Sunday barbecue. Castres summer has indeed arrived a bit late and now when the summer sales are in full bloom we tend to soak up the sunshine. Barbecue is part of our South African Culture and something to be proud of. The traditions around barbeque are something that can't be done without over the weekends. I guess we have more in common with the Frenchies than I thought. Come and get a few ideas and recipes on how to host and decorate the ultimate French barbecue.
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Celebrate 29

Celebrate 29, one year older, mother, wife and hopefully a bit more wiser...and of course cake, Succulent cupcakes filled with caramel to be exact!

An Unexpected Birth plan

An unexpected birth plan was my birth plan indeed, read a bit more about my experience on my exceeding my due date, being induced and finally having a cesarean.

My Baby Room Necessities

My Baby Room Necessities- Where to get what is just a starter to what you'll need once the precious one arrives. Here is a view of how we decorated our son's room, his hospital bag, my hospital essentials and much more...

Favorite Lifestyle shoots

My Favorite Lifestyle shoots is a combination of all the shoots that I have done in France thus far. Photography has really become a passion of mine and I love to capture the "non-posing" kind of photos where real life happens. All can look pretty and perfect in a photo and maybe just maybe when you aren't looking the most beautiful photo is taken.
Santorini sunset

Magical Santorini

Magical Santorini, oh my goodness one of my most favorite destinations yet! Not only did I have the opportunity to spend my every needed Honeymoon there but I got to experience all that the Mediterranean sun had to offer. We traveled a bit more after that...read more here!
Wenda Nel

The Wenda Nel Sensation

The Wenda Nel Sensation- top SA Athlete tells us a bit more about her life behind the screens. Traveling, food, training, and nutrition wise. What inspires her and keeps her motivated. Since I have last spoken with Wenda she has reached even bigger heights and it is obvious that she Proudly South African.
Rikus Lubbe

Die kuns om 'n Frenchie te wees

Die kuns om 'n Frenchie te wees is 'n duidelike indikasie dat enige kultuur wel maklik aanpasbaar kan wees by jou eie doen en late afhangend van hoe aanpasbaar jy is...en ook natuurlik hoeveel jy toelaat! Rikus het 'n goeie kombinasie gevind van beide kulture wat op die oueinde van die dag sy lewe akkomideer.

DIY Makeup bag

DIY Makeup Bag- I absolutely love this, just because it is something that I always wanted to buy. Finding a travel size bag that is easy to pack and fold away in your carry-on bag is quite a struggle! Now you can make one in just a few steps