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Hot chocolate croissant french toast bake

Hot chocolate croissant french toast bake, let's be honest here, there is just simply no competition when it comes to croissants...they are flakey, buttery and uber delicious bakes in a "hot chocolate" custard. This hot chocolate croissant french toast bake is undeniably the must make brunch dish you've been looking for.
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Brioche miso caramel cinnamon buns

Brioche miso caramel cinnamon buns are probably one of the best cinnamon buns I've ever made. In these crazy times, being at home and baking delicious treats has been such therapy to me and dear of dear these buns are the ultimate way to have a therapy session. They are light, so fluffy, and undeniably addictive. 
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Curried lentil stuffed sweet potato

Curried lentil stuffed sweet potatoes are one of those easy recipes that you'd probably make more often than you think! It's super easy, so flavorful, and full of protein. Make the batch of the curried lentils, and whenever the time calls for an easy meal, then you know what to do!
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Health loaf

Health loaf is such an easy and fluffy bread to bake. It comes together in no time at all, which means a quick healthy loaf for lunch or as an afternoon snack. I used buckwheat flour for this recipe, which makes it even more healthy and requires only your expert eating abilities.
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Carrot zucchini muffins

Carrot zucchini muffins are the perfect way to get in those greens. My kids have devoured these, aside from knowing what they actually were eating. They are fluffy, light, and flavorful!
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Peach sticky buns

Peach sticky buns are the perfect mid-week baking project. Not only are they super sticky and crunchy, but kinda healthy too, now that's what I call a treat. the last bit of summer produce is slowly disappearing and this is certainly a way to make them count.
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Blueberry chocolate chip banana bread

Blueberry chocolate chip banana bread might be the thousand version I've made of one of my all-time go-to baked bread ever. If you love banana bread then this recipe certainly won't disappoint. It's fluffy, sweet with jammy bites of blueberries, I mean just like every slice of banana bread, its heaven!
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Toasted hummus falafel pita's

Toasted hummus falafel pitas are the ultimate quick meal that tastes pretty good to boot. It's so easy to whip together and the best part might be the leftovers for tomorrow...
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Mocha Banana bread

Mocha banana bread is a combination of three of my favorite things, chocolate, banana, and coffee. This bread is so beautifully fluffy and light. Perfect for breakfast with a thick slab of butter on it with a steaming cup of Joe. Sure to make any blue morning shine brighter!
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Roasted blueberry scrolls

Roasted blueberry scrolls are every so jammy and gooey. Perfect for a lazy breakfast in bed or an afternoon snack with tea. The roasted blueberries are out of this world and the depth of flavor is much needed with the yeasty buns and tangy blueberry yogurt glaze. Brunch is looking pretty good right now...