DIY Blanket scarf


DIY Blanket Scarf

DIY Blanket Scarfs all wrapped up in a cozy Cadeau for your loved ones or just a quick DIY project that you’d like to make for yourself!

Blankets scarfs are so “hot” right now. You can wear it as a scarf or wrap it around yourself like a, you guessed it! a Blanket! Here is the quick and easy method to make a super versatile and low-cost Christmas or anytime gift.

What you’ll need
  • 2m Blanket material
  • Black thread
  • 2m tassels
1. Cut the blanket alongside the grind of the material, leave 1 cm for the seam.
2. Cut the material 1/4m in with and 1 1/2 m in length.
3. Stich the seams or stitch just the length seams and leave the edges unstitched.
4. Spread out the tassels and pin, then tread the tassels to the blanket scarf with 5cm spacing in between.

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