My Baby Room Necessities

My Baby Room Necessities

My Baby Room Necessities- Where to get what is just a starter to what you’ll need once the precious one arrives. Here is a view of how we decorated our son’s room, his hospital bag, my hospital essentials and much more…

As the time comes closer for me to meet our little man, I have to say that packing his bag, my bag and finishing his room was quite a task…just because I love to stagnate and especially since I don’t know the exact time he’ll be making his arrival…I have indeed finally finished his room, thank goodness!

I wanted a theme that was pretty neutral since we want to have more kids in the feature. Therefore Grey and wood were my basic color schemes and thereby I added stars, mountains, and clouds as a complimentary theme to his room. I made the mobile above his bed out of felt material and the door decorations took me a pretty while to complete as well (when you see it you’ll know what I mean). I am receiving his cot bumper set this weekend and I cannot wait to finish the whole ensemble. I post that on Monday!

Now his room is ready and set and I know it might be silly since he won’t sleep in it for a while. It’s just a completion of a task that will leave me tranquil and ready to focus just on giving birth…Thereafter I had to tackle his hospital bag and my hospital bag. What are the essentials? I have been reading a whole lot on what you might need since I am pretty clueless on what to pack. I have written another post, check out the link below!

Decorating his room was a whole lot of fun, some would advice to start a bit earlier, but it really helped me to keep my mind off a few things. The DIY mobile took forever to make, I think it was actually such an irritating thing at the end of the day that I just had to finish it already! Note to self: Don’t stagnate up until the point of irritation…

Here is what I did with his room so far

His room

Welcome to his room…


Cloud Nobs from Maison du Monde


Changing Mat and Washcloth from My Moumout


Cloud hangers and Cloud Hooks from Zara and Eurodif


The Feeding Corner

Feeding Chair and Footstool from Maison du Monde

Cloud Nightlight from Maison du Monde

Star Cushion from Nr 74 (bought at Le Petit Souk)


Cupboard from Emmaus and the Nobs from Nkunku



Cloud wall decorations from Eurodif


Humififier From BabyMoove  (Most of the essentials were bought at Aubert)


Wall Decor from Art.fr

Star garland from Nr 74 Bought at Le petit souk

Curtains Zara Home


DIY Mobile


Wooden Name Train (Bought in Berlin Christmas markets)


Doorhandle decor bought at Eurodif


Other stores to consider when decorating your baby room and for other baby necessities:

Womb concept (We Bought our Joolz pram on this site)

Cabbage and Rose 

Yellow Flamingo 





Petit bavard 

Books I would advise reading:


I received the little boy who lost his name from a friend, it is so cute! You can personalize the name on the inside, so the story fits your little one or as a gift for others.

Apps to use whilst pregnant:



So there you, this is my bit of info that I can share with you for now, even though I am not a mom yet! I hope you find it helpful!

What did I pack for the hospital? Find out here!


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