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August inspiration

August Inspiration

August Inspiration has left me with a bit of a sunburned skin and a will to aspire to do all things pretty and creative. Come and draw a bit of inspiration with the abundance of fruit and pretty inspiring products to buy for yourself.

August Inspiration has left me with a bit of a sunburned skin and a will to aspire to do all things pretty and creative. Come and draw a bit of inspiration with the abundance of fruit and pretty inspiring products to buy for yourself.

I dare say that Summer is coming to an end, even though it feels as if it has only started. Castres has undoubtedly welcomed summer a bit à plus tard.  I am just thankful that I am not pregnant in this weather (sorry for all those ladies who are, I feel you’re discomfort), but carrying a Presque 10kg baby around can certainly make me feels like some days I am pregnant.  So, August in South Africa is known for its August winds, where on the flip side over here it was and still is an abundance of fruit, late nights and returns from summer vacations. The peak season is winding down, so I guess it’s the best time to go to the beach then.

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Back to school ads are playing their rounds on the radio and the supermarkets are filled with the hustle and bustle of children, excited for the new year to begin. Where as I am planning my trip for a visit back to SA in December. Don’t know how that story will go. My baby boy has had a rough time and by the time we fly back he will be even busier than he is now. He is on the brink of crawling, or shall I say swimming and four teeth have simultaneously started to show on his upper jaw. Poor thing! Then there is this heat, that can make anyone go crazy.

So yes, of course, I might want to take a day and just relax and go somewhere. My husband had a day off last weekend and we stayed at  Chateau de Sigean. There was not much to do and we were totally down for that since we both had the flu and it was boiling hot outside. We had lunch at a restaurant in town while baba fell asleep and he woke right after a 20 minutes nap and wouldn’t fall asleep again for the whole afternoon. That is when the real parenting kicks in. Determination and persistence are needed in dire circumstances like these. Have you ever had the flu in the peak of summer with a non-sleeping, (sure he is a hyper baby)? It’s not a pretty sight I assure you. Excuse me, I do complain about that fact, but he was such a winner that night when he passed out in the pram and we could have a delicious three-course dinner, under the stars with a glass of red in hand. Thank you!!



I love living here, just because I have been surprised by living here. I thought there was rien happening in Castres. How surprised was I that I actually enjoyed the slow life of a small town. Even when I was young I despised the thought of ending up in a “small” place,  but maybe just maybe I have been looking at a small Ville the wrong way. There is nothing that can quite provide happiness than that of family, memories and the acceptance of who you are and what you have. You just have to work with what you’ve been given. a Small town makes you realise all those things that you’ve thought you’ve been missing out of. Yes, life might look fabulous on a screen, but what happens actually behind those “perfect lives” that all seem to portray? Sometimes I just need to step away from the phone for a moment to soak it all in.

So I’m going to make lemonade like there is no tomorrow since we don’t know how long we are going to live here or life at all for that matter. I have to find some inspiration from somewhere. Luckily nature has provided it, ever so gracefully, this season where I have needed it more than ever. Wild blackberries, prunes, tomatoes and even our own eggs have provided me with a sense of achievement. It’s silly I know, but somehow it has worked! So other than nature I have found inspiration in the month of August and I want to share all the pretty things that I have found…



*Pretty things for you*



T-Shirt: Zara

Gold rings: Nilai Paris 

Giant wood board notepad: Pauline et Luce 


Wooden Plate: Casa

Leather waist belt: Naf Naf

Comfy wood button sweater: Bonobo 


Big and small Frames: NkuNku 

I took this photo by the way!! Looks so good!


Foot Cream: L’occitane 

My favorite- White base blending eyeshadow: Mac 

Espadrilles: Sarenza 


*Pretty things for the baby* 


Striped baby outfit: Next

Blanket: Mooo Wool

Monthly announcement cards: Next



Sippy cup: Done by deer 

Wooden heart: Etsy 

Stroller straps: Ah Goo baby 

I do hope that has added to your weekend a bit of inspiration. We all need it every now and again. Whether you’re a mom with a teething baby (like me) or stuck in a rut for some reason. The month of August has been great, let’s make September even better.

Bon weekend*


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